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Matthew Soares


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     I Have been raising Jacobins and Fantails going on 15 years now. My birds have won many best of color and in fantails I have had 2 Champions and four reserve champion wins. When I first started with pigeons it was to help my dad save his birds from the fire that devastated his pigeon lofts. When he had finally rebuilt his loft he left behind five pair of jacobins one yellow, two red, two splash. He also left 10 pair of Fantails one old grizzle hen and two old creams a couple of silvers just a bunch of birds to see if i had any interest. I remember just starting out I would show the birds he gave me and won best grizzle and cream and even won Champion at The Calvacade with a Red cock 615.

     I had a couple youngsters out of these birds that are still in my blood lines today from the Jacobins I raised 486 yellow hen Which my family called Floppy because when she was young he feathers looked like hair that flopped to the side. Out of her and one of my original yellows I raised one of the best Yellow Jacobins I have ever seen and he has won everywhere he has been 1769. In fantails I raised two birds the same year one did well in the show pen and the other did well in the breeding pen. It was a Dunn and a Indigo the Dunn has won best dunn and reserve Champion at the Superbowl the indigo was another story she was set to be sold when she was young because she always put her head through her tail. That is untill Ben Ferber laced her up and told me that I should not sell her that I should show her and at that National she was reserve indigo out of her I raised a second reserve indigo pied hen from Whatsonville and an ash red that I used for my mealy's.

     In 2008 I decided to narrow my focus to just a few colors and since my best jacobins where the yellows that was the obvious choice. In fantails I chose to go with Cream and Mealy's because I like the colors. Along with the creams came the silvers. I bought a Cream Hen and cock from Ben Ferber, and 4 creams from Bob Vincent to go with my original two from my dad. My dad let me barrow some silvers and at the auction that I bought bobs creams Dennis Lawrence bought a silver and let me use it. In 2007 I bought a pair of Ash Reds in an auction from Tom Pritchet. The Ferber hen and Silver Vincent cock raised one baby for me 1022 Cream hen The Pritchet cock and the Indigo hen I raised had one son and he raised 1032 ash red cock. out of these two birds I raised 1222 Mealy that was Second Reserve In Fresno Last year. Out of Cream cock 3599 from Vincent and Silver hen 1106 from Dennis Soares I have raised some beautiful birds including 1220 Silver Reserve Champion at the Fresno show 2010 and 1300 Champion at the 2011 LAPC Young Bird Show.

     A couple years later and silver 1220 won Champion at the Superbowl of fantails. I have had a few of rough years with the loss of my father and mentor in life. Followed by two years of not caring about breeding season or even before breeding season. I almost sold off all of my fantails a few months ago but my daughter Natasha wouldn't let me. I am now in the process of buying a house with enough land to finally after 6 years bring my birds home. I am not sure how much I will be showing in 2015 but I am looking forward to getting together with the guys, building pens and bringing my birds home. 

1220 silver    Second Picture is mealy 1222 son of the third picture 1022